About Me

I am an Executive ArchiteFeatured imagect and Innovation Leader currently taking a sabbatical break from IBM until November 2016.

I am a Welshman living in North Yorkshire in the UK, a retired bass player, a vegetable grower (its not rock and roll but I like it) and author of REMEMBER, REMEMBER THE 6TH OF NOVEMBER.

I’ve been having a very busy sabbatical, as well as writing and self-publishing my first novel, I am working on the sequel already and enjoyed visiting roles with Leeds and Loughborough Universities focused on areas of shared interest around innovation and exploiting technology for business value.

The sabbatical has also given me the opportunity to hone my blogging skills and tell the story of my sabbatical as it unfolds. I’ve been my sharing my thoughts and experiences, good and bad, on taking some time away from the day job and the impact this has… So watch this space and please do feedback what you think as the year goes by.

Connect with me also on LinkedIn and Twitter


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Very nice to stay in touch this way… thank you Tony… good luck on your new adventures and looking forward to what you will share going forward


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